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How to Stay Home During COVID 19

As this pandemic called CoronaVirus or COVID 19 is ravaging the whole world especially Europe and Asia countries. Its of great importance to know how to stay home without getting bored. I want to outline the series of activities one can do at home.

Your health is key because your company is not happy for you stay at home and at the end of the month, your salary would be paid. The aim of your company is for you to stay safe and live. While staying at home you need to make sure that your health and that of your family is important.  Do the following :
1. Always drink warm water and hot tea
2. Go to your gym and spend at least 1 hour a day. 
3. Get every foods item you need at home and eat healthy
Try as much as possible to stay informed, write down the emergency numbers to call if you experience sore throat, fever and difficult breathing, please call the emergency number for medical attention.
If your company has made plans on how you can do your office work from home? Please follow their guide lines and stay safe and add value to your company. I want to use this medium to express my strong dislike on the manner Chinese government is handling this pandemic, especially the imported face masks from China. Regardless of the fact that this deadly virus started from Wuhan. I am watching with kneen interest to see how the world powers  will handle this issue because it is clear that China deliberately infected the world with this pandemic. Please give your honest comment and share!

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