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Eastern Security Network A Child of Necessity (ESNACN)


For so long the old Eastern Nigeria or Biafra people have been yearning for an outfit like this one set up by the leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu . The action of the federal government of Nigeria clearly shown that there is a deliberate and subtle plan to depopulate the igbos or exterminate them in Nigeria because of the oil and gas deposit in their land which the fulani’s need without the people.

However, many people may view this write up differently. But the truth  is that easterners otherwise called igbos are being killed day in day out even in their homes by Nigerian army and police since 1966 without a single trial of the perpetrators.  But more force has been added to it since President Mohamed Buhari’ took over the helm of affairs in Nigeria in 2015. His brothers Fulani’s have been placed above any other ethnic groups in Nigeria whilst Fulani ethnicity in Nigeria is questionable.  Nigerian army always go after innocent citizens if there is any attack on their check point where they are extorting people and the majority of these people are Igbos or Biafrans. If Hoodlums or criminal minded elements  attack Nigeria army or police and ran into the bush. Instead, of the army or police to go after the hoodlums into the bush. They will go to the villages and start burning down houses. Shops and killing of innocent women and children. 

The recent killings that gave birth to this Eastern Security Network (ESN) are as follows:

1.     Nkpo  killings by Nigerian army and police where over 150 Igbo youths were killed and those that try to survive were poured acid and thrown into a gutter which amnesty international documented.

2.     Aba Ngwa high school killings

3.     Onitsha    head bridged Genocide

4.      Then the most recent Obigbo genocide and check-point killings of people that refused to give N100 to police or army.

5.     Fulani herdsmen occupation of Bushes in Igbo-land which made it impossible for farmers to go to farm.  If mistakenly, Fulani herdsmen see any of the farmers in the bush. They will rape her and thereafter, killed her. This has happened several times in the east.

Another one is the one that happened at Imo state where a lecturer and a computer science graduating student were killed by Nigeria army. Therefore, Eastern Security Network is a child of necessity because Igbos have to defend themselves especially this time they are agitating for Biafra restoration because of marginalisation.  In fact, they have been pushed to the wall. As of today, Igbos or Biafrans have no other option than to resort to self-defence because it is very clear that Nigeria army and police cannot protect them instead, they will give cover to Fulani herdsmen. Besides, self-defence is a universal right. I therefore, urge the south east political leaders and traditional rulers to give Eastern Security Network (ESN) maximum support if they indeed love their people as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has proven to be.  As for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,  I dug my cap for you! What you have done can never be rewarded by mere humans, is only Elohim can reward you.  Posterity will definitely remember you and IPOB! Thank you for loving and saving your people from this modern day blood suckers.  Please like and share to others!


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