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Symptoms of Staph-lo-coo-cus Bacteria (SSB)


It was strange news about four hundred and fifty (450) people die in six months in a particular community. And the cause of death remains unknown for the past four months during the outbreak of this deadly disease. The health professionals could not immediately identify the disease because its symptoms are similar to malaria.  In fact, this disease brought sorrow and untimely death to many youths of the affected community.   

What is Staph-lo-coo-cus? It is defined as bacteria that cause infections in some parts of the body such as Eye, Ear and skin. Staph-lo-coo-cus is a very bacterium that can make its victim to look like a H.I.V. type 2 patients.

However, further studies have shown that Staph-lo-coo-cus can cause a whole lot of problem in the body system. Also Staph-lo-coo-cus can affect other parts of the body like weakness of manhood, low sperm count, Eye and skin.

What are the symptoms of Staph-lo-coo-cus?  

According to Doctor Mike whiten, he said that Staph-lo-coo-cus is bacteria that can spread quickly in the blood stream and causes damages to white blood cells. He then narrated how he was able to save one of his patients that suffer Staph-lo-coo-cus infection for over seven months. “The early symptom of Staph-lo-coo-cus is very similar to malaria and typhoid” so, I was really treating the above symptoms. But the problem was that this disease isn’t common especially where he lives and rarely sees people with such disease therefore, it becomes very difficult to identify these bacteria at the early stage. 

After two days of treatment, my patient will continue to complain about the same treated symptoms. I decided to go into further research and behold the bacteria was discover as Staph-lo-coo-cus. I immediately commence treatment with Erythromycin and others, and my patient fully recovered after five days, and I was very impressed because as a medical doctor, you know what that means to me. Based on my experience, I would like to list the early symptoms of these bacteria called Staph-lo-coo-cus.

The early symptoms are as follows: 

1       inching in the body

2       internal heat

3       waist pains

4       an object movement in the body

5       unusual Pimples in the face

If you can immediately treat the above symptoms, you will win the battle. Remember this bacterium is very stubborn and needs severe treatment. The next question is. How can one be infected with these bacteria called Staph-lo-coo-cus? There are  two major infectious methods.

1.      Through unhygienic environment especially public pit toilet.

2.     Through interaction with women, I hope you know what I really mean here. 

Therefore, these are two major infectious methods. I will write more articles on this topic in the next coming months. I would like you to share, like and follow this blog. Thank you for your precious time spent on this blog!


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