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Nnamdi Kanu Dying Slowing in DSS Custody - Lawyer


It is quite disturbing to know that Nigeria Government want to cause instability in  westAfrica region due to the way they are handling the Separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu's case and detention. Infact, according to his layer Aloy Ejimako, 

in his words, " Our client Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has instructed us to make the following information public. (A) That despite a court order to the contrary, the condition of his detention at the DSS headquarters in Abuja continues to be harsh, degrading and inhumane.  (B) That he is solitary confined to a very tiny cell twenty - three hours of the day  without access to sunlight and any social interactions whatsoever. He believes that this is aimed at inflicting extreme emotional and mental distress on him and breaking him psychologically.  (C) that any detainee who encounters and greets him during the single hour , he is allowed outside his cell is promptly put in solitary confinement or transferred to a maximum security as  punishment for exchanging mere greetings with him. Because of this , detainees have resorted to avoiding him and exchanging salutations with him not to talk of any other form of social interactions.

(D) that since the Nigeria Government extraordinary renditioned him. He has not been allowed a change of clothing and his Jewish prayer shawls and other religious materials brought to him by his counsel were rejected and returned. (E) that the DSS has refused to replace his corrective glasses (lenses) which were smashed to smithereens by agents of the Nigeria Government in the process of the violence they unleashed on him while abducting him in Kenya. This has led to a rapid deterioration of his sight. (F) that he is restricted to meeting with his counsel in an atmosphere devoid of private discussions with his counsel and he is oftentimes denied perusal of legal documentation his counsel bring to him to review. (G) that he is not allowed to sleep with a pillow and this has led to him developing acid reflux which comes with acute burning sensation in his chest. Chest pains and extreme difficulty in swallowing

The list goes on and on. B.ut it has become extremely important for the world to do the needful especially United Nation (UN) to tell Nigeria Government that enough is enough. Nigeria is signatory to United Nation Charter that give indigenous people right of self+ determination which the Separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu has applied and want Nigeria Government to give  his people a referendum to decide if they want to remain in Nigeria or Biafra. 

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