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Nutritional Value of Cucumber And Akamu


 Many people are in need of  this little extract from Cucumber in order to be active in their daily life. However, it's of great importance to detail the health benefit of Cucumber And Alamu. But first I Wii like to  focus on Cucumber And thereafter, give more insight on how to use Alamu to control stooling or running stomach. 

As it is widely known that Cucumber is one of the greatest fruit we have in this planet. Many people do not know how to use it effectively. Today I am going to tell you that Cucumber can be used to improve your health.  If you are having low sperm count?, Cucumber can do the magic by boosting your sperm. Eating Cucumber daily is great way of building your sperm and also, if you are having difficulties in excrementing, Cucumber will help you to normalised such difficulties.

Akamu is an extract from mazie or process mazie.  It also help in building sperm and renewal of human cell.  cell is very critical in human body because it help to fight against any enemy of the body system like infections and others.  It is a great medicine in controlling stooling or running stomach. How can one use Akamu to stop stooling or running stomach?. If you are having serious stooling or running stomach?, Read this line very carefully. Get a raw Akamu of any colour and mixed it with red palm oil and drink it or lick it gradually. At least twice in a day, and after 24 hrs, if the stooling or running stomach did not stop. Please consult your doctor immediately because it is abnormal.  Please share this article to your friends.


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