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Biafra: 30th Of May, 2022 Independence Day

The recent broadcast of the Biafra Head of Directorate of State (HOD) is indeed a landmark one. Chika Odozim has declared the celebration of their annual heroes and heroines day which is on the 30th of May, 2022. Will be celebrated as the first Biafra Independence day. This declaration may not go well with the Nigeria Authority because she may likely lose control of Biafra territory. We are eagerly waiting for the response of the Government as regards this declaration. It's very clear that the government has caused more harm to the territorial integrity of Nigeria by extra-Ordinary renditioned IPOB leader to Nigeria. 2022 is becoming more interesting as we watch how these things will unfold. As the court case of the IPOB leader is fast approaching, I will urge Nigeria Government to immediately release Nnamdi Kanu because keeping him is not favorable to Nigeria at all.

However, Chika Odozim also declared a worldwide protest to free Nnamdi Kanu, in which Nnamdi Kanu would be tagged as a prisoner of conscience. Furthermore, he directed that Fulani cows would be banned starting from April 2022.
As vkynews can authoritatively confirm that many of their followers are in jubilation mode as we put calls to most of them here in USA and UK. Most likely, Biafra Independence is very close and sure. As the body language of world leaders speaks volumes. I think Nigeria Government will definitely learn a great lesson from the way they handle Biafra agitators with excessive force which is going to give birth to a new Nation called Biafra.

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